makes it easy to find local tutoring opportunities and manage your business. Here are some frequently asked questions about how works.

Frequently Asked Questions

It provides a platform for both home tutors, institutes and students. So that they can find each other in a very fast and easy way.
In this model we are using very technology support which help students to get the best tutor in his or her locality. Because it is not possible to search all teachers in a register manually in a cost effective manner. So we are using the best search engine.
It is better for teachers also because they do not have to pay 50% commission which generally they have to pay in traditional format.In some cases even teachers has to give 10 % also from second month onwards. More-ever he or she has to travels less distance so the traveling time and money spent will be much less. He or she can see the class even at the time like in night where is old style he or she has to see new enquires in the day only. In this model teachers can always talk to parents directly and can negotiate directly which is not possible in old model of home tuition bureau.
No, Registration is absolutely free.
We are providing a free credit for every teacher who is registering for home tuition. Every teacher can select any enquiry and can find the authenticity.
There is a provision of internet banking, cheque, demand draft as well as payment by cash from home. So teacher can pay by any of these methods which are available.
No, there is no charge from student.
This model helps to get employment to different section of people.