About All India Online OXopia exams


All India Olympiad Examination is a joint venture of Registered Social Welfare Organizations AASARO & Yuva Pahal (Not for Profit Organization Registered under section 80 G), working for empowerment of Education of Society, association with Manasvita Group.

Media Partner of All India Examination is CREDENT (Registered under the press and registration Act 1867) India’s top Educational News Magazine; Online Partner is www.aptayes.com (Web Portal for Education & Career)

All India Olympiad Examination Started in year 2013. Various Segments of All India Online OXopia exams are as follows:

ALL INDIA ACCOUNTANCY Olympiad: Students studying Accountancy as one of their subject in 11th / 12th Class

ALL INDIA BIOLOGY Olympiad: Students studying Biology as one of their subject in 11th / 12th Class

ALL INDIA MATHEMATICS Olympiad: Students studying Mathematics as one of their subject in 11th / 12th Class

ALL INDIA PROFICIENCY Olympiad: Students studying in 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 Class

We are one of the largest Education media company providing efficient study tools and growing opportunities to the students in the form of study material, talent search Examinations, training programs, career exploring opportunities etc.

We have developed a wide range of networks in education world and now grown up as a brand in the market with launching many new innovative products not only in print media but also in the web and electronic media viz CREDENT, CRSE (CREDENT Reporter Search Examination), APTAYES, Oxyopia, Ovation.

In the present times when media & society pushed the students only towards Science, Maths & IT, we are trying to make a balance in society and explore the opportunities of various segments with the help of All India OlympiadExamination. We help to students to choose the subject as per their innerness/real interest, not forced by their family of society.


Support the students to identify their real interested field of career

Encourage them participate in national and international competitions, so they can assess their talent

Make aware about various scope and opportunities

Create a stress free environment of education so students explore their talent.

We give a chance to every student assess themselves at national level.

We would like to fill the gap of mediums and boards, so all the talented students start their career from the same line.

Examination Sehedule Declartions

  1. 7 days before the test date, student will receive one email notification containing a link of the desktop software to download it on its PC.
  2. 2 days before the exam, he will receive Activation Code for the main exam. This code is entered in the software and the paper will get activated as per the time and date schedule.
  3. Student appears for the main exam on a PC, attempts and submits the test.
  4. We will then compile the results of PAN India students and declare results.